Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just looking for a routine

The most challenging part of owning a small business is maintaining a high level of motivation and drive at all times.  There is no drill sergeant breathing down your neck to get things done. (This is also one of the perks of having a small business.) But most of us occasionally need that person that is going to push us to do more. We need that person to put the fear of god in us. To convince us that if we don’t get out of bed early and work late then god will rain down hellfire and brimstone on the face of our souls.
Having a daily routine seems to be the most effective way to fight off these occasional lulls in enthusiasm. Having a certain time in the morning to be out the door, a certain amount of time to spend at work or a certain time to get to the gym helps. We first tried setting goals for the day. This ended up as a bad idea as the disappointment of missing those goals and in some cases not even getting close to completing them ended up being counterproductive to the motivation levels.
We say all this because the month of January really threw off our daily routine and caused delays in a few of our projects. Initially we had 2 trips to Illinois dealing with family matters and just as things were getting back to normal in Georgia a tornado decided to throw us off again.  Unfortunately we have some experience in dealing with the aftermath of a tornado and have been able to get things back to normal relatively quickly. Let’s hope the problems of January are long gone now and February will allow us to get back into a routine so we can get some projects done.

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