Friday, November 2, 2012

The New Show room

So as is usual around the Rusted Nail we have an idea of what needs to get done around the shop next and all of a sudden we change everything.  The original post-Apple fest plan was to put our heads down and get a few projects built to have them ready to sell for the Christmas season.  But of course of our first day back in the shop we were slapped in the face with the idea of creating an in shop showroom.  This of course was no small task. First we had to move a few hundred boards that felt like they weighed about 700 pounds apiece, from one side of the shop to the other just to make space. Second we had to clean that space and then decide on a basic layout for the pieces.  As of right now we have walls made of old barn doors and tin, a barn wood counter top and furniture pieces placed in no particular order. However it seems the best plan is to not have a plan, as the disheveled look somehow works. It is still definitely a work in progress but we believe having a showroom will only help us in the long run. We will need to figure out the best ways to get people to visit our new showroom once it’s open and ready to go. But that’s for a later day. For now it’s time to get into the shop and build some projects until another grand idea comes knocking on our minds door.

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